Wednesday Club Run

Starts 6:30pm from Gunnamatta Bay Clubrooms (left hand side of the Pavillion)

This is a great opportunity to catch up with other club members for a run and a chat.

The group is lead by the Run Captain and is around Cronulla beaches, reserves and the bay. Course varies each week and has varying distances up to 8km. 

‘A’ pack runs with the Run Captain and the ‘B’ pack (mid pace and Junior Pack) runs a slightly shorter distance, again with a pack leader.  

Bring some money and stay for a drink and a chat afterwards. 

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Sunday Bike Ride

Sunday, 7am from Sutherland near St Vinnies 

The weekend group ride caters for Intermediate through to Advanced riders. The group travels as one through the built up area along the Princes Highway to Waterfall. After Waterfall, the group splits into two packs depending on skill level and numbers.

Remember lights, spares and nutrition and brush up on the CTC bike pack rules.

Request more information from our Bike Captains below or check the Facebook Members page for ride confirmation each week.

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Beginners Bike Skills

Some Saturdays, 8am from Kurnell Post Office 

This session is about gaining confidence and skills, it will be advertised on FB when it will be run.

It is designed for those new to the Club or for those building up to riding in a pack. We also cover bike handling skills.

Wear your cycling gear, helmet and bring a drink bottle. Bring some spare change for a coffee afterwards.

Request more information from our Bike Captain below or check the Facebook Members page.

Click here for bike pack rules.

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Junior Training Season – October to April

During 1st and 4th school terms, Junior sessions are held for ages 5 years+. There are three key sessions held each week including:

Junior Bike Skills on a Monday afternoon. There are two sessions catering to different age groups and skill levels. Our 5 – 11 age group runs from 4.30 – 5:30pm and our 12+ group runs from 5:30 – 6:30pm. Sessions are held at the Sutherland bike track. At times this is a brick session, with running and biking, so bring along appropriate shoes and a helmet and drink. 

On Wednesday evening from 6:30pm we run a swim/run/transition session at the CTC club house at Gunnamatta Bay. All age groups start at the same time, but will be in age and skill appropriate groups.

Saturday mornings at 9:30am we run an open water swim for our 12+ Juniors who are swim proficient. For more information on this session, please get in touch.

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Weekly Social Ocean Swim

Friday evening ocean swims (October – March) – Meet at the steps at South Cronulla by 6pm.

Although we will always endeavour to have a paddle-boarder with us, members should recognise

(a) their ability to swim these distances unaided and without safety personnel and
(b) the conditions on a given day,

Please wear a bright swim cap for safety.

We require that all swimmers sign our safety waiver every Friday. If you are able to be the paddler to accompany our swimmers or for any questions, speak to Adam Hummerston.

Depending on numbers we split into groups with the main swim (A) out and around Shark Island, a (B) swim goes out to the yellow buoys (1.2km) and (C) swim to the Surf Club buoy (400m).

These are wetsuit (and/or fins) optional swims.

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For any queries relating to training opportunities, please contact our Club President at