Cronulla Triathlon Club is situated in the birthplace of triathlon in Australia. Our club has a rich history of past and present champions, and members who come together in a shared passion for triathlon and community spirit.

Our Club is built on values of HEALTH, FUN, COMMUNITY and RESPECT.

Welcome to Cronulla Triathlon Club.



Whilst we are not panicking, we have a commitment to ensuring the health of our members and community at Cronulla Triathlon Club amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being in the lucky group of strong, fit and healthy individuals unlikely to be directly affected by COVID-19, in the interest of the greater community, the club will take some temporary measures to help reduce spread and transmission during this time.

Please note that public health directives are being updated on a daily basis. This is a rapidly evolving situation and there may be further alterations to the club’s schedule in due course. We will inform you of any important changes as the need arises.

There are many ways we can support each other and continue to #trainracebelong in a safe way.

General measures:
– avoid hand shakes, hugs, high fives
– please do not share drinks, towels, clothing etc
– please do not attend any club event if you have cold or flu like symptoms
– please do not attend any club event if you have travelled overseas in the last 14 days
– if you have a medical conditions that puts you at risk, we strongly suggest you don’t attend club events for now
– if you, a family member or close contact has been diagnosed with coronavirus please do not attend any event (even if you are well) until you have seen out your isolation period as per the NSW Health Dept Guidelines
– do the usual things you usually do to keep yourself healthy and well including good nutrition, sleep, getting outdoors in non-crowded places for some exercise

With regards to our training schedule:

1. Wednesday night runs will continue
– steps will be made to avoid congregation at both the beginning and end of the session
– the clubhouse will be out-of-bounds until further notice as members will not be able to avoid contravening the 1.5m “safe zone”
– we suggest maintaining a ‘safe zone’ whilst running
– we will endeavour to source some hand sanitiser for use at the beginning and end of the session, if you have your own it’s a good idea to bring it

2. Junior training this week will run as scheduled
– implement the strategies above
– stay tuned for any updates, especially if schools are closed

Here are some other general tips for training:
– swimming in chlorinated pools is thought to be safe (from what we currently know the virus doesn’t survive in water). Shower before using the pool. Don’t go if you’re sick. Consider using the pool in off-peak times and avoid congregating between sets. Even better get out in the ocean/bay
– consider a Zwift date with your mates -> avoid lots of people shoulder to shoulder in a room, spread out or each set up at home
– gyms are probably best avoided, if you must use a gym go in off peak times, use a towel and wipe down all equipment after use
– consider running at the track/park/sandhills where you can easily space out if running in groups -> get creative with some interval sets
– this is very good mental preparation for when things don’t go to plan in races -> learning to be mentally adaptable is a huge part of success in athletic performance!

#cronullatriclub #trainracebelong #triathlon


At Cronulla Triathlon Club we do our very best to ensure we organise responsible, safe and fun events for our members and the wider community ensuring we always put the health of our participants first.

As we all know, the 2019-2020 season has been challenging. Initially we were concerned about the poor air quality due to the bush fires, only to then have the Richie Walker race postponed due to flooding and poor water quality.

We are now confronted with a totally new threat: COVID-19. Whilst we are extremely excited and thankful to have such a large number of entrants for this year’s event, it has also put us in the category of a “large gathering”. As a responsible club and considering the health of our participants (and indeed the wider community), it is with much disappointment that we must cancel the 2020 Richie Walker Aquathlon.

The Cronulla Triathlon Club is very proud of our premier race, the Richie Walker Aquathlon, which honours a past member that died of heart disease during a race. The club passes on ALL proceeds from entries to the Heart Foundation in support of their work funding lifesaving heart research and improving heart disease prevention. With this in mind, we ask you to consider your entry fee and we hope you may allow us to donate it towards this extremely important work.

However, in recognition of your support as we originally had to postpone the event and now cancel, we will offer a full refund if requested by return email.

Again, thank you for your support and understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you in 2021.

Richie Walker Aquathlon Organising Committee

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Cronulla Triathlon Club offer a variety of weekly training sessions for all abilities. We also work with a number of local coaching providers who can tailor specific training programs to suit your training and racing needs.



Cronulla Triathlon Club hold a variety of club races throughout the summer and winter season to keep members fit, race ready and having fun all year round. Come and race with us and feel the community spirit.



Cronulla Triathlon Club is a supportive, family orientated community of like-minded people. Our Club is rich in history being the first club to form in Australia in 1981. Be a part of something


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Cronulla Triathlon Club offer a variety of weekly training sessions for all abilities. We also work with a number of local coaching providers who can tailor specific training programs to suit your training and racing needs.

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